Calculating Emissions

Know Your Carbon Footprint

When transporting goods, reducing CO2 and costs can be done at the same time. Get a competitive edge by using XCargo to examine and evaluate emission details and savings potentials.



  1. Calculates different kinds of emissions: CO2 and its equivalents, CO2 alone, CO, N2O, CH4, HC, benzol, mKR, NH3, NMHC, NOX, Pb, SO2, toluol, and xylol
  2. Uses tested and proven emission rates taken from the manual of the German Federal Environment Agency in Berlin, versions 3.1 and 3.2
  3. Calculates emissions accurately for different kinds of vehicles, Euro norms, and factors specific to each country, such as road conditions and elevation
  4. Takes pay load and loading weight into account as constraints on capacity utilization
  5. Reflects route segments on the highway, and in urban and rural areas
  6. Emissions can be calculated right in Excel and for single as well as for consolidated transports