Calculate Tolls for Highways and Other Roads

How much toll do you pay for your transports? How has that changed from what you paid a year ago?

XCargo’s toll calculation lets you determine your toll costs quickly and easily. Based on transport data for the number of kilometers actually driven on toll roads, XCargo tells you your truck toll costs for Germany and other countries.


  • Calculates the number of kilometers actually driven on toll roads throughout Europe, using detailed distance tables and speed profiles.
  • Accurately reflects the toll costs for different countries.
  • Quick toll cost calculation using the formula XC_TOLL_COSTS
  • Calculation correctly reflects the number of axels and Euro norms

New for current version

  • Calculates toll costs for all kinds of toll roads.
  • Toll calculation is based on toll costs determined by Map&Guide.
  • Provides a central, individually extendable currency table for foreign tolls.