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Service Hours

Depending on the processes you handle via AX4 you might require extended service hours. Simply contact us. Within the scope of service level agreements you can use extended service hours up to a 24-hour service.

Support Ticket

Please use our
for your support inquiry.


+49 6233 45943 444

Customer Assignment

You know your logistics network, your warehouse locations, and who your customers are. But do you have the best possible assignment of customers to warehouses?

Customer Assignment optimizes the structure of your transport regions. Save time and money by reducing distances!



  1. Assigns customers to warehouses as efficiently as possible.
  2. Takes minimum and maximum warehouse capacities into account.
  3. Takes variable and fixed costs for transport and warehousing into account.
  4. Finds the best times or distances.
  5. Unique or distributed customer assignment: Indicates whether a customer may draw goods from one or more warehouses.
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