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Whether you are a logistics service provider or an industrial company, transport costs play a major role: What is the cost of shipping packaged goods, full loads, direct shipments, and consolidated shipments? Which logistics service provider offers the best conditions? And how will your freight budget change next year?

You can store simple freight rates in Excel or create sophisticated freight rate models. It takes only seconds to calculate large numbers of shipments!



  1. Configurations for complex freight conditions.
  2. Central freight rate management keeps transport conditions up to date and standardizes the calculation base for many users.
  3. Quick and easy access to standard freight agreements.
  4. Specifies freight conditions for your customers and for in-house calculation.
  5. Fast freight data evaluation.
  6. Freight calculation for bundled shipments.
  7. Cost evaluation for each order creates a foundation for calculating tariffs and freight bids.


New Functions

  1. Free choice of data model configuration.
  2. More calculation functions for freight rate management.
  3. A different data model is possible for each freight rate model.
  4. New user interface for more comfortable calculation.
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