Use Case: Tendermanagement

Compile the Best Rates for Tendering

The challenges

  • Large-scale network structures that have many hubs and consolidation points.
  • Avoid empty transports and under-loaded transports.
  • Account for invoicing differences (different costs depending on country, transport, and hub).
  • Maintaining a high service level.
  • Special demands of individual customers and their own offer structures.
  • Increased environmental awareness.
Here’s how we do it

The solution

  • Geocode locations and analyze input data (visualized in maps).
  • Calculate bulkiness and distances.
  • Determine routings for FTL, LTL, and consolidated shipments.
  • Cost evaluation for various kinds of transport information (e.g., about main haul, short hauls, hubs).
  • Determine offer rates according to customer demands.
  • Special margins are possible.
  • Use cost-profit comparisons or visualized transport flows for analysis purposes.

Customer Benefits

  • Reliable and transparent freight cost calculation based on mathematic optimization procedures.
  • Flexible transport cost structures.
  • Efficient and standardized processes.
  • Attractive tender prices achieved by using, for example, various transport scenarios or special margins.